iLampens LED Table Lamp, Baby Night Light, Bedside Lamp, Camping Lantern, Color and Brightness Adjustable


UPGRATED CCT ADJUSTABLE FUNCTION: The cold light is perfect for using it in living rooms, kitchen, standing room or outdoor walking. The warm light is perfect for studying, relaxing or sleeping
LONG STANDBY TIME: 2200mAh built-in high capacity lithium battery. 4.5Hrs with brightest light, 50Hrs with darkest light
SMART TOUCH DIMMING CONTROL: Brightness and CCT adjustable ( 2700K – 6500K ), memory of brightness and CCT
RESISTANT AND SCRATCHPROOF MATERIAL: Drop-proof & impact resistant
EASY TO CARRY: Portable retractable hand strap can be hung or put forward

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Product Description

LED Table Lamp, Baby Night Light, Bedside Lamp, Camping Lantern, Color and Brightness Adjustable for Multifunctional Application + Present iLampens Cloth

Basic Parameters
power: 2W
Lamp Color: White
Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
Built-in Lithium battery capacity: 2200mAh
Power adapter: Input AC 100~240V; Output DC 5V,1A
Runtime:4.5 Hrs with brightest~50 Hrs with darkest light

Function & Features
Due to high brightness,large luminous area, brighter than a 15W incandescent bulb.
While smart touch stepless dimming brightness control.
Overcharge protection.The indicator turns red when under charging and automatically turns blue when fully charged.

Memory of brightness. The recorded brightness automatically resumed when restared (or when powered off and restored)
Eye-caring & energy saving. Then No ghosting,no glaring,soft and uniform light.

Applicable Scenarios:

Restaurant candlelight dinner
Going out at night, easy to carry with lighting
Frequent power outages, it is convenient at night
Safety Night Light, accompany you to sleep at night
Probably use as a night light when you nurse your baby

Package Contents:
portable lamp * 1
USB cable * 1
User manual * 1
iLampens multifunctional cloth * 1

Customer Review:

First of all, this LED table lamp is AWESOME!!! I’ll start by admitting that I am 36 years old and I am still afraid of the dark.

Also this LED portable lamp is actually great for a lot more than just a night-light.
And it’s great as a little reading light, a desk lamp, a “flashlight” to see in spaces you otherwise couldn’t and perfect for a power outage.

Furthermore, in my theory, which has kept me save and uneaten thus far, is that these terrible beasts have but one weakness…light.

Since they can’t tolerate any form of light and must instantly vanish….which is why they have never been seen BUT that makes them no less real!!

Because the LED table lamp has different settings, so it can be changed from very bright to just a dim light.

In conclusion, I`d still highly recommend this lamp and buy it again.


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