LED Light Strip Kit RGB 16.4ft 24Key Remote 12V Power Supply iLampens Waterproof Flexible 300leds


Waterproof 5M RGB 300LED Flexible LED Strip with RGB connector
Voltage: DC12V
Can cut each 3leds sections
Color: RGB 5050SMD RGB reel flexible board

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Product Description

LED Light Strip Kit RGB 5M +24Key Remote+12V Power Supply iLampens 16.4ft 5M Waterproof Flexible 300leds Color Changing RGB SMD5050


-Led Light Strip Kit
-Color: RGB
-LED Type: 5050 PLCC-6 SMT SMD LED (IP65 Waterproof)
-LED Quantity: 300 leds/5 Meter or 60 leds/Meter
-Size: L500cm (5M) x W1.4cm x T0.3cm
-Package: 1 X 5 Meters / Roll
-View angle:120°
-Working Input Voltage: 12VDC
-Output power: 72W /5 Meter
-Working Tempreture:-20° to 50°
-Drive Mode:Contant Voltage

24Key IR Remote Controller

-Type:24Key Remote Controller
– Connection mode: Common Anode(+)
– Input/Output: 12V
– Max load current: 2A each color
– Output: three CMOS drain-open output
– Working Temperature: -20°C-60°C
– Mode & Pattern:

– 16 colors, 5 light pattern: Static/Flash/Strobe/Fade-change/RGB Smooth-change
– 16-classes Static Mode Dim Control
– 16-Speeds Control in Flash / Strobe / Fade-change / RGB Smooth-change

LED Light Strip Kit Features:

*Low power consumption,Super-bright but running with low temperature
*All the light spread and completely smooth,luminous very even
*Every 3-LEDS cuttable without damaging the rest strips, according to your requirement
*Self-adhesive back with Adhesive tape for secure and easy application
*LED Type: High Quality 5050 SMD LED, high intensity and reliability, Long lifespan >50,000 hours

Package Contect:

5 meter (500CM) 5050 RGB 300leds Flash SMD LED X 1

IR Control Box X 1

24 key remote control X 1

Power Supply X 1

Question 1:
Can I connect one of these rolls to the AMP in my truck, so when my subwoofers hit, the lights pulse?
Yes but it has to be two cables and 12V.
No, they are specially designed to be incompatible with things only a 16 year old would think is cool

Question 2:
Hi when I opened these and plugged it in the lights just flash a bright white. It doesn’t respond to the controller. i know controller works. help?
Mine did that, and the remote was bad. if you have a webcam, point the remote at it and see if you can see the remote’s IR led working.

Question 3:
All of the pictures are showing the color white with a another color. Can you have to it where it just shows all 1 color, like all green or whatever?
I have the 30 foot one and mine are all the same color. Its asking me to answer this question so maybe its the same…


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