iLampens LED Edison Bulb A19, E26 Base 2700K Non-dimmable Vintage LED Filament Bulb (6W=60W)


  • The Best Energy Saving LED Light – 6 watts replaces the standard 60-watt incandescent light bulb
  • Cool Retro Looking LED Bulbs – 360 degree beam angle, soft white, light pattern same as incandescent bulbs
  • Buy More Save More – operating cost per year: $0.72, lifetime savings: up to $155(base on national average electric price)
  • ECO-Friendly LED Lighting – clear glass led bulbs, mercury-free, no flicker and no UV
  • Extremely Long Life – 20 years (25000 hours, used 3 hours per day)

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Product Description

LED Filament Bulb A19 – 60 Watt Equivalent (6W) Soft White (2700K) LED Light Bulbs

Every light has a story. We focus on offering you the best lighting experience. Only premium LED lights and excellent optical designs are adopted.

The Led Filament Bulb is an innovative light bulb which makes good combination of the new LED and vintage incandescent bulb technologies.

Better than Ordinary LED
The LED filament technology offers a 360 degree beam angle light pattern which the ordinary LED bulbs can’t.
While the LED Filament Bulb uses a clear glass bulb, unlike most LED lights, it is just like an incandescent bulb. The true warm white light that is styled to look exactly like one of the very old incandescent bulbs makes you relax.
If you turn away from upgrading to energy saving light bulbs by the way they look, these innovative light bulbs probably change your mind.
At iLampens, we understand. That is why we design the products, which look like everyday use incandescent light bulbs.

Big Savings
First of all, iLampens LED filament bulbs are the perfect energy saving replacement for standard incandescent bulbs.
It will drastically reduce your energy bills while providing the same light quality. Power consumption and the yearly cost of these bulbs is lower than most of the ordinary LED bulbs.

Easy to Install
Furthermore, as easily as installing the ordinary incandescent bulbs, you can replace the old bulbs in a few seconds. All the LED Filament Bulbs come with standard medium screw E26 or the E12 base.

In conclusion, iLampens provides 5-Year Warranty for this LED bulb. Once you have any problem with this LED bulb, please do NOT HESITATE to contact iLampens’ customer service. We will provide you pleasant and impressive experience in our store.

iLampens Filament LED A19 – 60 Watt Equivalent (6W) Soft White (2700K) LED Light Bulbs


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