About iLampens—LED Light Bulbs

iLampens,our mission is to bring LED lighting solutions to customers and provide them with an experience, not just a product.we strive to eliminate energy-wasting, traditional lighting technology and provide our customers with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.

ilampens maintains an experiencled light bulbsed engineering and technical support team with immense knowledge of the LED industry.iLampens offers many different LED lighting products, including LED Light Bulbs, LED light strips and LED tape light accessories. These lighting solutions are available in a wide range of bulb types, bases, styles and output options. iLampens also provides complete, custom-designed lighting kits for home and business projects.

iLampens LED lights use up to 80% less energy than traditional energy-hungry lamps and luminaires, significantly reducing power consumption and energy costs. LED lights also remain cool, eliminating excessive heat buildup and do not contain any harmful substances, such as mercury.

LED lighting is the most energy efficient, affordable lighting source available today.iLampens supports its products with the highest standards of quality assurance and customer support.Customers with the transition away from traditional incandescent, flourescent and CFL technologies.

iLampens’ LED products are LM-79 and LM-80 tested,UL listed,and protected by an extensive array of utility and design patents, and have earned the respect of lighting distributors, architects, designers, engineers, facility managers and related professionals worldwide.

We keep our products in stock and available for immediate purchase and delivery, shipping to United States in five to seven business days on standard orders.